The superior alternative for robotic or mechanical monitoring options


With 8K ultra-high-definition stereo cameras, CloseView — the world’s first comprehensive, hyper-intelligent, large-area monitoring device — pinpoints and relays critical information on potential safety risks at lightning speed. Even low-light conditions can't impact the functionality of this resource and queue management juggernaut. Powerful in-camera AI reveals layers of insight into people, vehicles, environmental conditions, and beyond.

A superior replacement for robotic or mechanical monitoring options such as Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) systems, drones, and rovers, CloseView combines relatively low acquisition, installation, and operating costs with unmatched optical power and edge-based AI analysis.

Large outdoor gathering spaces: Improve safety and security for any outdoor gathering space with AI-powered object monitoring and body mechanics analysis. If CloseView detects any suspicious behavior, you'll receive an instant alert.
Large lobbies, assembly/event areas: With ultra-high-resolution video (8K at minimum) and equally powerful infrared imaging with CloseView Thermal, oversee sports arenas, convention centers, or event spaces of any size, measuring occupancy and reacting to behavioral anomalies both day and night.
Parking lots, commercial driveways, roads: CloseView automatically monitors traffic (including accidents and mechanical problems), takes stock of objects (from cars to pedestrians), and detects empty parking spaces.
Smart cities: Eliminate inefficiencies caused by human oversight and significantly reduce overhead costs. CloseView can handle tasks such as monitoring intersections and tracking real-time traffic flow; if a car breaks down or an accident blocks the roadway, CloseView will instantly alert a designated source.

For instances where monitoring in near-total darkness is the norm, CloseView offers a super-high-resolution infrared variant. Combine CloseView and CloseView Thermal for convergent, multiplied capabilities!